August 19, 2017

Touching the Hem: A Biblical Response to Physical Affliction

Touching the Hem As humans, we are bound to
suffer physical affliction on this earth.
But as Christians, how should we
respond to that affliction?

Material abounds on the subjects of faith healings, the purpose of trials, and the practice of faith in the believer’s life. But where is the book that covers all of this? Where are the resources for today’s Christians regarding the whole subject of sickness and healing?

I began a search for such resources when I was diagnosed with a long-term illness in 2007, which is treatable but not curable. Suddenly the topic became very personal, and I was overwhelmed with the desire to study it in depth to discover what my response should beTouching the Hem: A Biblical Response to Physical Suffering has grown out of that study, with the hope and prayer that it might instruct and encourage others who find themselves or their loved ones in similar situations.

Touching the Hem considers the questions of how to respond to sickness or injury, whether God still heals those things today, and how to seek that healing if He does.

It starts with a thorough look upward, at who God is, and what He has done and will do for His creation (mankind). It then looks outward, considering our present circumstances in light of God’s character and works. Only after looking upward and outward does it turn the gaze inward, considering what our response should be to present physical suffering, and how we should continue living according to a biblical response.

My prayer is that this book could help other men and women in their own struggles with illness or injury, encouraging and building up their spirits in the knowledge of God and His Word. For that reason, I created a study guide (available here) to help you dig deeper into God’s words on this topic.

It would be a great way to study through the book on your own, as part of your quiet time with God, or with a friend or small group. There’s 23 entries, so it would give you just over 3 weeks of thought-provoking material. Each entry has a few observation questions (knowing the facts), a handful of application questions (personalizing the truths), a few notes about praying, and a relevant hymn suggestion.

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  1. Praise God that you are using your illness to His Glory!

    Unfortunately I have no way of helping financially right now. I can publish this on my blog, although I have a very small following. When I can help financially, I will, and when you do publish it, I promise to hype up spreading out this word!

    • Julie, thanks for taking the time to comment – that in itself is a support!

      I know many of my readers won’t be able to help financially (hey, I’d be in the same boat!) but I would also appreciate your prayers! Especially for guidance, wisdom, and God’s glory through all of this!

  2. Will share for sure! Love this.

  3. That’s a great book idea. I will pray that God would lead in all steps of the process.

  4. I’m thrilled that you’ve written this book. Already, I’m looking forward to being blessed by it as I’m sure so many others will be. I know what a hole is there for this type of material. thank you friend!

  5. What a great project! I will pray that adequate funds come in to help you publish this much needed book.

  6. I have a RA and suffer with some of the symptoms you mentioned in your video, but my disease is not nearly as debilitating, Elizabeth. I will pray for you and am so excited that you are allowing God to “redeem” this problem in your life for the betterment of those who suffer with chronic diseases. I will pray about contributing and am so grateful for your courage and effort in this regard. Thanks so much!

  7. This is exciting, Elizabeth. I will certainly share this on my FB page. I loved watching your video and getting to know your voice. You are such a blessing and I know others will be encouraged by your faith, perseverance, and wisdom. Blessings, Jana

  8. I hope you manage to raise the funding you need, or alternatively the Lord will reveal another means of sharing your manuscript. Every blessing.

  9. Elizabeth, I too loved watching your video and getting to hear your voice. You are such a blessing, and I know that God is going to use your story… all you’ve learned…for His glory! You have my support and prayers. Much love, Jacqui

  10. So awesome, Elizabeth. You’ve got to link up something about this at the end of my Take Heart series this month! The final week is about taking heart in times of physical or emotional/mental illness. And the very story referenced in your title is one in which Jesus says “Take heart.” So excited for you as you see your work come to fruition in this book!

  11. Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m so excited about your new book! I have your e-book and it’s been a great blessing to me. I’ve been battling an illness for the last year that has had its ups and downs. God has been teaching me so much and several of the Scriptures and passages in your e-book have been ones that have the Lord has seared on my heart this year. Every day is not easy but every day is possible since the Lord is with me 🙂 Can’t wait to read your book! PS – found you through Sarah at Joy-filled days 🙂


    • Kim, your comment was such a blessing to read! It is so encouraging to know God is using these words to minister to His children. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I hope Touching the Hem is a big help to you!!

  12. Great work Elizabeth, I pray God grant you grace and speed for this project and that it will be a blessing to multitudes in need.
    Just like the page!


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