August 18, 2017

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Hey there, and thanks so much for stopping by! Let me properly introduce myself: my name is Elizabeth Johnson, and I was born at a young age.

Oh, you were too?  Funny how that works… 🙂

Sammie — the source of all Dog Fur!

Anyway, here’s the important stuff:

I was born to wonderful Christian parents, and my Mom actually led me in the “sinner’s prayer” when I was only three. I knew I needed to be saved, and obeyed even though I didn’t fully understand the ramifications of that salvation.  Throughout the next twelve years, I faithfully attended church and Christian school, but never really tried to live for God. Kind of hard when you get saved so young, you know? Well, when I was fifteen, the Holy Spirit made me aware of my need to start actively living for Him. So although Jesus was already my Savior, that’s when I really started living up to my identity in Him.

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Shortly after refocusing my spiritual life, I felt God leading me to prepare for full-time ministry. In fact, I felt Him calling me to be a pastor’s wife… funny thing was, I had no desire to get married! Well, long story short, I went to college and majored in Women’s Ministries and met my husband while I was there. And he’s preparing to be a pastor someday.

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My Beloved and Friend – July 7, 2007

So right now I’m a Yankee-turned-Southern-gal. I grew up in MA and we now live in SC. But we don’t want to stay here forever. During college, my then-future-husband and I both participated in missions teams to the Western US {same summer, different teams}. And God used that time in both our lives to call us to home missions – specifically, to working with church-planting in the WY/ID/UT region. So we’re preparing ourselves {he’s in seminary right now} and waiting on God’s timing to move out there.

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I’m also fighting my way through an adventure with chronic illness. I was diagnosed in 2007, shortly before we were married. God has provided a measure of improvement and healing since then, but I’m still very much affected by it in my daily life. I can’t work a regular job, and we can’t have kids yet. It’s definitely one of the hardest challenges of my life — but God is using it for good. I even wrote a book about it!

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Living near the Appalachians

Things that make me smile: coffee, the smell of honeysuckle, love notes from my husband, salvation testimonies, good books, fresh seasonal fruit, mountain trails

Inspirations: Psalms & Romans, classical music, nature

Passions: knowing God more intimately, supporting fellow Christians in prayer, loving & respecting my husband, encouraging others toward Christ-centered living

Things I enjoy doing: writing devotionals, cooking up my own recipes, playing the piano, reading historical fiction and mystery novels, hiking with my husband, visiting historic forts & battlefields, photographing flowers & trees

Random fun fact: Someday I’d love to kayak down the Grand Canyon!

She’s cute and she knows it!


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  1. I love the new website. I’m just guessing that James did it.

  2. So nice to connect Elizabeth…and I love the title and look of your blog…the Dogfur made me smile 🙂
    We’re out in Oregon…is that too far West? Maybe you could/should add it to the list 🙂
    We have several friends who are Army Chaplains…
    So encouraging to see your willingness to follow God’s leading.

  3. Wow – another random tidbit? I was 3 when I accepted the Lord (I prayed by myself in my bedroom – vivid memories of it, then went to tell my mom, who wasn’t sure I really knew what I was doing and asked me to pray again, with her – many years later, she apologized for doubting me, but I understand!). Pretty cool, and several similarities in our stories. By the way, I went to Gordon College in Wenham, MA for my freshman year of college (before getting married). Small world.

  4. HI Elizabeth,
    This is my first visit to your blog, which caught my eye because of your mention of tornadoes in SC. I live in Columbia, am a transplanted Yankee from RI, and am also married to a man in the ministry. He studied at Liberty University, and we’re praying about where he will next serve. Are you here at Ft. Jax in the chaplain’s school? We live very close to there and have met several friends as they’ve passed through. Funny how God’s big world isn’t quite so big with Jesus as our center, huh?

    • Hey neighbor! 😉 Hubby has done some training at Ft Jackson but we actually live near Spartanburg. He is working on an M.Div at BJU Seminary right now. Thanks for stopping by Lori!

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