August 19, 2017

What If God Chooses Not to Heal?

We've been talking about seeking physical healing lately, and have covered the basic means God has provided for us to seek it. But what if we do all those things, and yet God chooses not to heal us? We may be persistent and passionate in our prayers. We may remain strong in belief, sound in doctrine, and steadfast in faith. We may seek God’s help first and medicinal help second. We may even patiently wait with a confident expectation that God will heal. Yet all this does not guarantee healing. All this does not determine whether God will remove our afflictions. When He does choose to heal, the healing is merely temporary — death has spread to all of us, because we are all sinners. Yet [...Read More]

6 Things to Do While You’re Waiting for Healing

Imagine you're dealing with a serious physical illness or injury that's life-changing in some way. You recognize God's sovereignty, yet naturally, you want to be healed of it. So you pray faithfully for healing. You remain steadfast in faith. You prioritize your spiritual well-being, but also use the gift of medicine that God has provided. And yet, you're still waiting for God to answer. He hasn't said no to your pleas for healing -- but He hasn't said yes either. So now what? Do you get overwhelmed with the seeming delay? Shrug your shoulders and "grin and bear it"? Retreat into some hiding place, whether books or movies or shopping therapy? Make demands of God to heal [...Read More]

What About Medical Means of Healing? (Part 5)

In addition to the spiritual principles given in His Word (see parts one, two, three, four), God has also provided medical aids we can use to seek healing. Doctors and medicines can often help us determine the physical cause of our suffering, remedy various problems, and help alleviate some of the symptoms. Even when we cannot discern the spiritual purpose for our illness, these medical means can often help us find a physical cause for whatever we are suffering -- and thus provide a way of relief from that suffering. And as long as we seek our Creator’s help first, we can certainly take advantage of other legitimate aids that He has provided through His marvelous creation! Let's take [...Read More]

Does the “Prayer of Faith” Bring Healing? (Part 4)

We’ve been looking at the Scriptural principles for seeking physical healing. If you missed the first three posts, start here: Should we pray for healing?, How to Pray for Healing, Is Faith Required for Healing?.  Consistent personal prayer and continued faith in God are the main criterion established in Scripture for seeking physical healing. We must also consider James 5:13–16, one of the few Scriptural passages which directly mentions the issue of seeking healing: "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise [...Read More]

Is Faith Required for Healing? (Part 3)

We've been looking at the principles laid out in Scripture regarding prayer, and specifically how they relate to seeking physical healing. Find the first two posts in this series here: Should we pray for healing? and How to pray for healing. When we're seeking healing, the first step is always to commune with God in prayer. But prayer isn't the only thing that matters: we must also have faith in who He is and how He works! Not only do we need to pray about everything, but we need to trust that God will answer our prayers according to what glorifies Him the most. We need to believe His plan for our lives is whatever HE considers the absolute best for us. Our faith must be placed in God [...Read More]

How to Pray for Healing (Part 2)

Previous posts in this series include: Should we pray for healing? Not only are prayers for physical health exemplified in God’s Word, but even common sense suggests wherever there is lack or need, there is reason to pray. For instance, in times of war we pray for peace, and in times of drought we pray for rain. Thus, it follows that in times of sickness, we ought to pray for healing. But it's not enough just to utter words asking God to heal -- we must pray according to the standards set forth in God's Word. In order to pray for healing, we must not only experience redemptive cleansing by Jesus’ blood, but we must also daily keep our hearts pure and righteous before Him. If we [...Read More]

Should We Pray for Healing? (Part 1)

Should we pray for healing? If so, are there any guidelines given in Scripture to help us pray for it more effectively? Where does faith come in? And what about traditional medical resources? Over the next six weeks, we'll consider how the Bible guides our answers to these challenging questions, and how we should apply its truth to our own unique encounters with physical suffering. When your body feels miserable, your spirit will respond by feeling miserable with discouragement, despondency, or doubt.  While we certainly suffer afflictions stemming from purely physical causes, God has created our bodies and spirits to be so intricately conjoined that what affects us in one area [...Read More]

Give the Gift of Hope

Cyber Monday special: Touching the Hem ebook is just 99 cents this week on Amazon! Read on for more details: Do you know someone who feels overwhelmed by a long-term physical affliction? Give them the gift of hope this Christmas. Let them know you truly care, by offering a tangible message of hope in the midst of their affliction. Give them the gift of encouragement. Help them understand God a little better, and how He works through physical brokenness to make us spiritually whole. Give them a gift that will make a lasting difference. Share with them how to respond to suffering in a way that will bring peace, and joy, and eternal hope. Give them a book to help guide [...Read More]

21 Days to Finding Purpose in Pain

I've shared Stacy William's blog with you before -- Finding Purpose in the Pain (where I'm a regular contributer) -- and now I'm thrilled to share her brand new devotional book with you!  21 Days to Finding Purpose in Pain is a devotional for those facing prolonged anguish from physical or emotional turmoil. It draws from Stacy's own personal battle with chronic pain. She doesn't gloss over the hurt, or offer a quick fix, but instead meets us right where we are -- on our knees, raw and hurting. Each day's entry contains gems from God's Word, relevant examples from Stacy's own journey with chronic pain, and a prayer to focus the reader's thoughts on biblical truth. 21 Days to Finding [...Read More]

No Limitations

We can all relate to the word limitations. Pain has limitations. Grief, and sickness, and loss… they all have limitations too. They all restrict what we can do. I’m a word person, and I enjoy looking up definitions of commonly-used words, just to discover some extra nuances and get a better grasp on the reach of that particular word. Here’s what I found for the word limitation: Origin: 1350-1400, Middle English from Latin, stem of līmitātiō – a bounding past participle of līmitāre – to enclose within boundaries Definition: a limiting condition, restrictive weakness, lack of capacity, inability or handicap; something that limits a quality or achievement Sound familiar? I have [...Read More]