February 20, 2017

A Plea for Christian Americans

Christian Americans, the world is watching us. Our countrymen --  our neighbors -- are watching to see how we will respond to the unprecedented election of such a controversial figure and the fear and hatred that is running rampant throughout our nation right now. Whether you voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or someone else -- now is the time to prove our Christian values to those around us. Now is the time when we must show our obedience to God's command to love our neighbors and do good to all. Now is the time for us to reach out with respect and humility, with kindness and grace, toward all men and women -- no matter what our political beliefs or backgrounds. I am a [...Read More]

What Kind of Garnish Are You?

Titus 2 talks about desirable character traits in older men, older women, younger women, and younger men. Each group has certain unique responsibilities corresponding to their various life stages, and each is commanded to own certain qualities in those life stages: self-control (this is mentioned for all four groups!) soundness in faith, love, and steadfastness reverence in behavior and speech hard work purity kindness The passage ends with an injunction for servants to obey their masters, which may seem irrelevant to us at first. But as Christians, we are disciples and servants of Christ! So it does apply to us, after all. And as servants, we are to have some additional [...Read More]

Practical Humility

Humility: what is it? So often we simply associate the concept of humility with a state of mind, a heart attitude, and don't pursue the idea any further. And humility does begin in the heart, and it does develop in the mind. But humility is practiced and matured outwardly. Humility is lived out on a very practical level, through our daily actions and interactions. What does that look like? Start your day with God. Meet with Him in private, before the cares of your day distract you. Focus your thoughts on His character, and acknowledge your dependence upon Him. Surrender the day ahead to His guidance, and determine that His will, not yours, be done. Study God's Word. Meditate [...Read More]