August 22, 2017

Thoughts on Giving Thanks

There’s something special about this time of year, when so many people start meditating on everything they have to be thankful for. As Christians, we have an even greater reason to be people characterized by the habitual giving of thanks — not just for abundant physical blessings, but so many spiritual blessings too! The blogosphere is teeming right now with various thoughts about practicing gratitude -- from historical perspectives, to its uniqueness among Christians, and even some of its challenges. I hope you'll take the time over the next few days to work through some of these links! Why We Should Be Thankful for the Gift of Gratitude -- Why is it so critical for Christians to [...Read More]

Free Desktop Background & Other Tidbits

First things first: download this FREE desktop background for a daily reminder to CHOOSE JOY. Because when you deliberately choose joy in your mind, your heart will follow -- and when your heart follows, so do your words. And that, in turn, shares joy with others. JOY BEGETS JOY! >>>  Right-click and "Save as image," or click here to download.   Are you on Pinterest? Even when things are quieter on here and on Facebook, I am still sharing regularly on Pinterest! For instance, I frequently pin great articles about prayer and living with chronic illness, spiritually inspiring quotes, and thought provoking articles. If you prefer "fun" topics, I share those too! [...Read More]

Stay Away from the Grey

I don't usually post about current happenings in our nation, but this time I can't seem to stay silent.  I must speak out against Fifty Shades of Grey, one of the most harmful things that is dragging millions along with its current and leading them swiftly towards destruction. "In a society that downplays the evil of evil, and even glamorizes it, we need to be regularly reminded of the danger of sin. Like a child that discovers a needle on the street and thinks it’s a toy, we can be dangerously naïve about what’s happening in our American entertainment." - Marshall Segal Please, I beg you, do not cause lifelong damage to yourself. Do not harm your spouse or future spouse. Do not [...Read More]

Links Worth Reading (4/15)

Are You a Good Listener? "Listening is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do, and one of the hardest." It is an art, but also a discipline. It requires patience, love, and wisdom, and seeks to serve rather than to be served. But it takes effort... and practice. Good listening does not come easily, even to those introverts who naturally tend towards hearing rather than speaking. But it is well worth the hard work required to do it well! "Good listening is a great means of grace in the dynamic of true Christian fellowship. Not only is it a channel through which God continues to pour his grace into our lives, but it’s also his way of using us as his means of grace in the lives of others. [...Read More]

Links Worth Reading (3/20)

Book Signing Announcement! If you live around Greenville, South Carolina (or have relatives in the area), you've probably heard about the annual Bible Conference at Bob Jones University. It's March 23-28, and this year you have an even better reason to come. Because your favorite author will be doing a book signing in the campus store, on Wednesday, March 26! I'll be there right after the morning service, from 11:30-12:30, and would love to meet new friends or say hi to old friends. Let me know if you'll be stopping by... and feel free to share this with any friends you have in the area! And now for some links worth reading... Unknown Heroes "In the scheme of things, you’re unknown. [...Read More]

Love-worthy Links for Valentines Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day... a round-up of links to help you show love to God, your family, your spouse, and even your favorite bloggers {ahem}. And also a chocolate cake recipe, just for fun.Because what's a holiday without some form of chocolate? Send God a Valentine. Have you ever thought about sending God a valentine? After all, He is truly THE greatest Lover to ever exist! He sacrificed Himself for you, while you were His enemy. So take a few moments today to send God a valentine... because He loved you first.   Learn More of God's Word. Memorizing Scripture can be a real challenge for some of us, but it is a crucial element of glorifying God as His child! We [...Read More]

Links Worth Reading (1/17)

5 Truths to Set You Free by Erin Davis "Despite our best intentions, why do we so often fail at reshaping who we are? Maybe it's because we're so focused on self-improvement that we miss the transformation that only comes from God's Word." Erin goes on to share 5 specific truths we must personalize, to help us know true freedom in Christ. Loneliness. You're Not Alone. by Sarah Beals "What’s a girl to do when she feels/faces loneliness? Well, try to identify why you are lonely." Sarah shares three overarching categories of loneliness, along with some excellent advice from Elisabeth Elliot about the "cure" for loneliness. Social Media Goals by Mandy J. Hoffman "There are a lot [...Read More]

More Good Posts to Start Off the New Year

Most of us like to set goals, make resolutions, or at least take time to re-evaluate and re-calibrate every January. And along with that comes a flurry of new blog posts about setting and reaching those goals. Here are a few that stood out to me this year, specifically regarding drawing closer to God.   Spending Time with God: The Priority of a Daily Devotional Life, by Nancy DeMoss "Having a quiet time does not earn you brownie points with God. It doesn't make you inherently a better Christian. It’s meeting with God that makes you more like Jesus." The Practice of a Daily Devotional Life, by Nancy DeMoss "I know we feel, 'I don’t have time. How will I fit this into the day?' [...Read More]

Holiday Cyber Sale!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I really enjoyed the day with my family... and one very spoiled puppy! How many of you had spoiled pets yesterday??  So who's starting their Christmas shopping this weekend? I personally don't dare brave the crowds on Black Friday, but I do love the sales on Cyber Monday! And speaking of cyber sales... I have a few special deals for you! → The Kindle version of Touching the Hem is on sale for $2.99! Find it on Amazon (here) on CBD (here). And hurry... this sale only lasts through Tuesday, December 3! → The TTH Facebook page is inching its way up towards 200. If you can help me get it there, I'll raffle off a free Kindle copy [...Read More]

Links to Make You Think

This week's link edition is packed with some incredibly thought-provoking articles. Yes, that means you need to take some time with them. No, that doesn't mean you should skip them because your week is too busy. Save this page (or open and save the articles) and email them to yourself, to read when you have a few minutes. Read them over breakfast or coffee, or in those few minutes before going to bed at night. I promise, they're worth it!   What the Rich Young Ruler and I Have In Common - This aligns perfectly with last week's post about idols! If you've ever tried to plan out your life, or control something like your health or relationships (or anything else outside your [...Read More]