September 22, 2017

Literary Adventures in January – #Read2016

I'm thoroughly enjoying the chance to explore different genres and meet new authors as I attempt to broaden my literary horizons in 2016! (Read more about it here.) I thought it might be difficult to get through some of the titles, especially some of the older works -- but other than a few dry sections here and there, the titles have held my attention surprisingly well. And I've been reminded how much I enjoy reading things other than my usual go-to titles and authors. For instance, searching for poetry books has reawakened an old love of the poetic masters (Tennyson, Blake, Frost, Donne). Perusing books published 100 years ago has led me to discover P.G. Wodehouse and G.K. [...Read More]

Broaden Your Literary Horizons

If you know me at all, you know that I love to read. In fact, I like to tell people I was born with a book in my hand. I started reading when I just 3 years old, and haven't stopped since! I can easily read over 100 books each year, the majority of which is fiction. I love a good character-based novel (like the Mitford series), and fiction that teaches as well as entertains (like historical fiction or intellectually-stimulating mysteries). I turn to authors like Agatha Christie, Dee Henderson, and J.R.R. Tolkien when I'm sick, stressed, or simply longing for a good "comfort" read -- the characters feel like old friends to me, and I love visiting with them several times each [...Read More]