April 28, 2017

Why Is A Christian Worldview So Important?

We can't keep our faith in a box. It's not something that can be relegated to reading the Bible every morning and attending church on Sunday. It needs to color our realities, shape our perspectives, and direct our thoughts and action on day-by-day, moment-by-moment basis. It needs to instruct our view of this world, of humanity itself and all our endeavors. Every single realm -- from science to history, from creative arts to psychology, from occupation to recreation, from family relationships to personal ambitions -- must be viewed through the lens of God's truth. Why? Because how you see the world, and the people within it, determines how you interact with it. And how you interact [...Read More]

Beginning My Missionary Journey: the College Years

In my last post, I began sharing the story of how God called me to home missions. I went off to college with a burden on my heart for spiritually oppressed people and a specific call to prepare for full-time Christian service as a pastor's wife. I wasn't sure how all the pieces fit together, but God was still writing the story... The final two things God used to direct my missionary journey were faithful involvement in ministry and a short-term missions trip. During my first semester in college, I got involved in an regular outreach ministry on the weekends. We would travel to nearby nursing homes, women and children's shelters, and local churches to minister through puppet shows, [...Read More]

Beginning My Missionary Journey – The Early Years

I had the opportunity recently at a ladies' meeting to share the story of my missionary journey -- how God led me to prepare for becoming a missionary-church planter, and then used that call to direct me to a husband and place of ministry. When I mentioned it on Facebook, several of you expressed a desire to hear the story too, and I decided to share it with the hope that it might be an encouragement to all. My story begins -- as all of ours do -- with God's call to salvation when I was a young child. But fast forward about 12 years, and the story of my missionary journey begins. I could sum the beginning of that journey with the words of Abraham's servant in Genesis 24, when he was [...Read More]

In Christ Alone

If you follow my Facebook page, you might have seen my post about celebrating my spiritual birthday yesterday. And many years, I would follow up that statement with a blog post about my testimony of how God miraculously saved me. But this year, I want to share a different perspective on celebrating spiritual birthdays, and sharing our testimonies, and counting our many blessings. In the eternal scope, what matters most is not how many years we've been saved, whether we had a longstanding Christian heritage or were first-generation Christians, whether we had the benefit of Christian education or came to know Christ at the ripe old age of 82, whether we've spent years on the mission [...Read More]

Gratitude: a Brand New Washing Machine

You may have seen my Facebook posts over the last two weeks about shopping for a washing machine... here's how God helped me practice gratitude, even while I was staring at a mountain of dirty clothes: I was doing an extra large load of laundry that Saturday morning. And apparently it was a little too full, because something slipped over the side of the tub, and ended up clogging the drain hose. The washer went through all the cycles... but it didn't spin. And even worse, it didn't drain. Hubby was out at drill that day, and I was stuck with a washer full of  flannel shirts (and other things) that were soaking in dirty water. I had to take it all out and wash it piece by piece in [...Read More]

Salvation Stories {Link-Up}

October 28 is the anniversary of my adoption. Not a physical adoption -- a spiritual one. It's the day God made me His child, gave me His name, and provided a new life for me. I would say it's the day He chose me, and called me, but that's not entirely true. He chose me before the earth was created. He called me before I was even conceived. Salvation has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with God. {<--tweet this!} It's not because I'm anything special, or because I have amazing potential, or because I have a great heritage. It's because God wanted me to bear His name, His suffering, and someday His glory. And God in His amazing grace caused me to be born into a Christian [...Read More]

Being Abraham: revisited

School is starting up again for my husband. He's about 33% of the way through his M.Div program (4 more years to go, maybe?). And every semester has been a challenge in many ways, but especially financially. But though it's been difficult and uncertain, God has been so faithful to provide just what we need, just when we need it. And every semester, I think back to when he first enrolled in seminary, in August 2010. I wrote a post at that time about what we were anticipating, and how we were (not really) planning to get through it all. We were walking by faith, just like Abraham did when he set out to an unknown country. He only knew that God had called him to go, but he had no idea where [...Read More]

Devotions & Poetry

I would usually be sharing a devotional thought with you today. But I have some exciting news to share, and thought I would combine the two things. You see, I write poetry. And one place that has been especially influential in encouraging my poetic musings is Poetic Bloomings. And today they're sharing an interview they did with me. So you should go read it! :) I find poetry provides a way for me to express emotions that I can't otherwise explain. And it gives me a great way to describe the joys and hopes of the Christian life. I love writing about our Redeemer's love, His care for all of creation, the beauty He gives us each day, and the gentle ways He guides through everything. For [...Read More]

My ‘Invisible’ Illness

I discovered this morning that last week (Sept 11-18) was designated Invisible Illness Week. For people like me, who suffer from chronic illness but often hear the words "you look so normal." Or something like them. I have an "invisible illness." It is actually quite visible to my doctors, in the blood tests and other labs I regularly have to get. It is usually visible to those who know me well. But to the random stranger in Walmart, the new family at church, or the friend of a friend I meet at a cookout, it remains invisible. [...Read More]

God of Miracles

A miracle is defined as something that is humanly impossible, contrary to the laws of nature, and ascribed to a supernatural cause. In other words, something beyond human power that only God can do. I believe in those kind of miracles. I have to, for I have had several of them take place in my own life. A friend recently asked the question on Facebook: "Has anyone ever seen God work in a truly miraculous way, or witnessed him accomplish something that seemed impossible?" I had too long an answer with too many details to share there, and thought my dear readers might be encouraged by hearing how God has worked in my life, so I decided to post it here as a testimony for all to see the [...Read More]