Like a Puppy

Sometimes I wish I could be more like my puppy.

Not the hairy part of her, or the being-on-a-leash part of her. But the part of her that’s just content to “be,” happy just to sit next to us (although she does sometimes try to jump in our laps). Or like right now, when she’s overjoyed with the simple pleasure of a bone to chew on.

She doesn’t need fancy toys or flavor variety or expensive gadgets to keep her happy. True, she does need to be kept occupied or entertained, but sometimes that’s accomplished simply by rubbing her mindlessly with one hand while the other hand is doing something else.

She’s always happy to see us, even though we put her in the crate or on the chain outside whenever we go out. She’s content to obey when we give her commands (most of the time), even though she doesn’t always know why she has to obey. She doesn’t understand the concept of “it’s not good for you” or “not right now” – but if we tell her “no” or take something away from her it only bothers her for a few seconds before she’s happy again.

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