No Worries

What if, the next time you have to move, or find a new job, or make any other possibly life-changing decision, you didn’t get stressed or worried or anxious about it?

In a way, it’s easy to get there. Well, maybe not easy, but definitely simple.

Remember the old Sunday school song, “Read your Bible, pray every day, and you’ll grow, grow, grow”? There’s a gold mine of truth in those simple instructions!

If we are spending consistent time in His word and in conversation with Him (not just at Him) every single day, in time we will come to know almost instinctively how He would have us to act in every situation. Yes, this is due to the pricking and leading of the Holy Spirit, but we need to become attuned to His slightest touch. It takes time and effort and consistency — but the payoff is greater than we could ever imagine!

By growing in Him every day, and running the race alongside Him every day, then when we come to the hurdles in our lives they won’t seem so huge. Walking with God every day makes “molehills” out of “mountains”!

For instance, my husband is currently looking for a part-time job that will allow him to attend seminary full-time. Because he has been seeking God’s will all along for where he is to be that day, that means that he is where God wants him to be right now.

God has made it clear each step of the way what job he was supposed to take, where we were supposed to live, and other such things. He made it clear last year that it was not the right time to start school full-time; however, we believe He is making it clear now that this year could be the right time. But we are trying not to worry or fret about it because we know that, if we are where He wants us on a daily basis right now, then we will be where He wants us come September 1. He keeps reminding us that these things are out of our hands and in His own hands – and as we trust Him with the “little things,” we learn to trust Him with the “bigger things.”

I’m not saying we never get frustrated or concerned about things. But I know that if my husband keeps himself pure before God–  by daily resisting temptations, by daily asking forgiveness for temptations he doesn’t resist, and by daily staying in fellowship and communication with God — then he will stay tender to the Spirit’s slightest touch of guidance all the time. He will be led to certain websites or businesses that are advertising for positions; he will know which ones he should apply to and have wisdom in communicating with those companies; and he will have wisdom in responding to potential job offers when they come. Yes, sometimes accepting (or declining) a job requires a step of faith, but he will also know whether that is necessary at that point, because he has been seeking God’s will all along.

If we seek God in all the small decisions, then the big decisions won’t seem so overwhelming.

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