Book Review: The Joy of Following Jesus

The Joy of Following Jesus, by J. Oswald Sanders, contains a clear call for all who call themselves Christians to also be life-long disciples of Christ. He reminds us that many in the world today consider themselves believers, yet show no evidence in their lives of true discipleship.

Each chapter begins with one or two Scripture verses, which are then expounded upon and reiterated. The chapters themselves are short (5-10 pages), but are packed with Scriptural support and real-life examples to aid in application.

The first three chapters look at the basics of Christian discipleship — qualities of the “ideal disciple,” conditions of discipleship, evidences of discipleship, and tests of discipleship. The rest of the book is then devoted to studying sixteen different aspects of the disciple’s life. Some of these aspects include the disciple’s Master (Jesus) and Senior Partner (Holy Spirit); his character (ambition, love, maturity, compassion); his prayer life and servanthood; his relationship and example to others; and his relationship with God.

There is a lot of truth in this book on which to meditate. Each chapter can be read rather quickly, but it would be ideal to spend a few days praying about and ruminating upon its truths and applications, before moving on to the next chapter. Each chapter could also be used as a springboard for further study or discussion.

I would recommend The Joy of Following Jesus to any Christian who takes seriously the direction of his walk with God.


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