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Sometimes I just can’t think of anything to write. Ever have those days? I’ve got the time to write, and the desire to write, but no profound or deep thoughts are making their way to my brain (or my fingers). And I think of you, my readers, and wish I had something encouraging or edifying to share…

Thankfully, that’s never the case with God. He always has something to say to us. The Holy Spirit is always close to us, prompting us and directing us.  Jesus Christ is always standing at God the Father’s right hand, pleading for us and mediating for us.

And we ought to take advantage of this! Consider back in the Old Testament, when followers of Jehovah (Jews) were not able to go directly to God. They could not simply speak to Him and listen for His still, small voice. Sure, there were a handful of people who had the benefit of enjoying personal communion with God – think of Moses, Abraham, Enoch… But the majority of Jewish people had to go through a priest in order to ask forgiveness for sins or receive a blessing.

We no longer have to do this! When Christ died on the cross, the veil that separated man from God (and the office of the priest) was torn in two, effectually destroying that gap! Today, followers of Jehovah can go directly to Him in prayer. We can speak with Him, opening our hearts in praise and petition, receiving forgiveness and encouragement and direction directly from God! We have the Scriptures in their entirety, which record for us the very words of God. We have no priest that must intervene in our relationship with Him – rather, we who claim the name of Christ have the Holy Spirit dwelling internally, to lead us and direct us.

Yes, God always has something to say to us, if we will but listen.

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