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One of the ways I find inspiration for spiritual growth is by listening to sermons – not just in church on Sunday, but during the week as well. I can listen to them on my laptop while I’m doing housework or on my headphones while I’m working out. It’s not a substitute for personal time with God, but it’s a fantastic way to keep my thoughts focused on Him and to be ever growing in “the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Some churches make their sermons available on cd. Some post them online, on their websites. Take advantage of these opportunities to listen and learn. Sermon Audio is another great resource.* They have thousands of sermons by hundreds of preachers. You can search by Scripture passage, topic, or speaker. You can listen straight from their website, or you can download the podcasts to listen to later on. They even have an app for your smartphone!

I love listening to music… but music doesn’t always stretch my mind, make me think, mature me as a person. It has more entertainment value than educational worth. Listening to great men of God expound upon the Scriptures does. Listening to men who have received far more Biblical training and higher education than I expands my knowledge of God and my understanding of His Word. I can benefit from their diligence. I can take advantage of what they have pored over and prayed over. I can grow closer to Christ, discover sin in my life, and be encouraged and refreshed spiritually. True, the Holy Spirit can do all of these things without any human aid, if I am walking with Him and keeping my heart pure before Him. But He can also choose to use mortal man to accomplish these things. He is God: He can use whatever He wants to accomplish His purposes. So why not take advantage of what is available?

Note: For those who are interested, my alma mater is currently hosting their annual Bible Conference. Their sermons are available live (and downloadable after-the-fact) here.

*Disclaimer: I was not contacted by Sermon Audio in any way to write this post about them.

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