Five Minute Friday: Distance

Recently I discovered, via another friend’s blog, the Five Minute Friday prompts for bloggers. I may not participate in these prompts every week, but am curious to see what some of them would lead me to write. So for today:

On Distance

I love this country in so many ways, one of those being the vast and varying beauty of the land. Across 48 mainland states, the terrain varies so greatly from coastal vacation towns to cities large and small, from the rolling hills of the south to the rugged rocky mountains of the west. I love traveling across its expanse, snapping picture after picture of the land.

It is a big land, and every part of it has its own unique qualities. I think of Boston with its Freedom Trail, Charleston with its southern sprawl, Jackson Hole with its majestic mountains… every state has something different to offer.

And yet I don’t just enjoy it for beauty’s sake. I enjoy it because the beauty of nature is a constant reminder of the great God who created it all. God lovingly crafted each type of flower and tree, carefully formed each animal, and set it all out for His people to enjoy. It is truly a beautiful world – and yet, imagine how perfect it must have been in the Garden of Eden. Imagine how perfect it will be again one day, when Christ returns to reign on the earth, and all evil is bound and thrown into the bottomless pit.

If we can scarcely imagine that, something that we have seen a portion of with our very own eyes, how much less can we imagine the gloriousness of our God, whom we have never yet seen face to face? How much greater is He than we can grasp, how much more infinite than we can understand in our finite minds?


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Distance

  1. So glad you joined five minute fridays! It has become a favorite part of my week! =) Loved your post by the way! =)

  2. Great post: We're certainly blessed to live in such a God inspiring country!

    Here via The Gypsy Mama

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