Go, and Sin No More (Guest Post)

Many of you know that one of my hobbies is writing poetry. I take part in a few online poetry communities, where I receive writing prompts and am able to find encouragement and feedback on my work. My favorite of these is Poetic Asides, a blog with a real sense of community, where many writers gather to share and comment on poetry. One such fellow poet is Marie Elena Good, who crafted this poem for today’s prompt (“Never Again”).

I think the words testify wonderfully to the power of God’s saving grace and the freedom from sin’s power that becomes ours when we place our faith in Christ.

Go, and Sin No More

Aware the punishment for sin is death:
The separation from my Source of Life,
As though I am not grateful for each breath,
My heart, my self, my soul with sin are rife.

I wish with all my heart to sin no more,
To honor God with life that’s good and pure,
And yet to sin, I leave an open door,
I constantly succumb to sin’s allure.

Praise God, it is by faith that I am saved
And this, not of myself — a gift of God.
For in His book of life, my name’s engraved —
A thought that gives me hope on this earth’s sod.

I bow my knee, and meekly lift my face
And humbly thank my Savior for His grace.

Posted with the permission of Marie Elena Good. See more of her work at Across the Lake, Eerily.
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1 thought on “Go, and Sin No More (Guest Post)

  1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for the opportunity to be a guest on your uplifting site. I also enjoy your work at Poetic Asides, and your consistency in pointing us to Christ. God bless you!

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