Five Minute Friday: Motherhood

Time for another prompt from Five Minute Friday: motherhood should come with…

I am not a mother (yet). Maybe, hopefully, one day I will have the joy of being called Mommy, but not right now. So considering that, and recognizing that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, I am going to take a slightly different route and write about what my Mom DID come with. Love you Mom!


Scripture tells us that children are an heritage from the Lord, and that the fruit of the womb is His reward. Obviously not all women are blessed with the opportunity of raising of family, or even of bearing their own flesh and blood to term, of passing on a part of themselves (literally). But some are, and my mom was one of them.

She was blessed by God to bear two children- my brother and me. I’m sure there were days during our childhood when she probably wanted to go on a long vacation far away from us, when she wanted to pawn us off on our grandparents or some other friends, when she just desperately needed a break from the responsibilities and difficulties of raising a strong-willed “I-do-it-my-way” kid (that would be me).

But she stuck in there. She is perhaps the greatest example of perseverance and discipline that I know. She doesn’t give up easily. She looks more at the eternal result than the temporary pleasure. She draws strength and grace from her Savior and keeps on going, no matter how stressed or tired her body gets, no matter the discouraging news swirling around her.

She keeps loving me. She keeps praying for me. Some days I could be so discouraged about my circumstances, but the very thought that my mother (okay, and others too) are daily praying for me and loving me unfailingly bears me up and keeps me going. And now, she is more than “just” a mother; she is a friend. I can call her anytime and she’s always happy to hear my voice. I can share with her the burdens on my heart, the questions on my mind, and we can talk together, enjoying the sweet fellowship of knowing and loving one another.

Time’s Up!

Happy Mother’s Day to a beautiful, wonderful woman whom I am proud to call my Mother!

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