Five Minute Friday: When Seasons Change

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When Seasons Change

I love the changing of the seasons. In fact, I have joked to some people that my favorite time of year is not a specific season, but rather the beginning of each season (although I go kind of crazy for springtime). Isn’t it so refreshing when winter grays finally give way to springtime’s rainbow of greens, yellows, pinks, and purples? And it feels so relaxing and vacation-like when summer comes around with its heat and bright sunny days. And then, fall creeps in with splashes of color on the trees and breezes to cool the hot earth. And finally winter brings along crisp cold and pure white snow, dazzling the earth in icy crystals.

Each one is beautiful in its own way. Each one is planned and crafted by a loving God. He designs each individual snowflake, splashes color on the flowers and the trees, brings new life to bear in golden sunshine and cleansing rains. Isn’t it comforting that He alone controls the weather? Even the disastrous weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, and nor’easters. He controls those too!

You know, He has promised that the seasons will never cease while we are on this earth. He promised that summer and winter, springtime and harvest, while continue as long as the earth spins on its axis. And though they change among themselves, they are faithful in their coming and going – even as God, their Creator, is faithful. They testify of His constancy, of His immutability. What a comfort that ought to be, as we gaze on the seasonal delights of our world. What a reminder, to meditate not just on their beauty, but on the beauty of their Creator!

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  1. Beautiful post Elizabeth! =)

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