Five Minute Friday: Home

And once again, Friday rolls around and brings with it a chance to write freely for five minutes. Funny, but it seems like last Friday wasn’t really a whole week ago… just been one of those weeks, I guess. Anyway, today’s prompt from Five Minute Friday is….


I’m collecting homes. At least, that’s what I feel like sometimes. It’s not a bad thing, really. But let’s see…

1. There’s the home I share with my husband in sunny Carolina, nestled near the mountains and good old southern cities. Not far from where my Grandfather grew up.

2. There’s my husband himself, for “home is where the heart is,” and since my heart is always with him, then I’m at home no matter where we may be, as long as we’re together.

3. There’s the home I grew up in, where my parents still live and I still visit (at least) once a year. Good old Yankee land, near Beantown and the Plymouth Rock (or Plymouth “Pebble” as some call it).

4. There’s “sweet home Alabama” where my husband’s parents live. It’s becoming like another home to me, filled with family and love and laughter.

5. And finally, the most important home of all, Heaven.

Heaven is my home. I have that in common with great men and women like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Mary, Paul… My Father lives there. And someday I will live there too. Someday I will live there forever, without a worry or a care, without the effects of sin reigning over my flesh. I will live there face-to-face with my Redeemer, able to fully worship Him in spirit and in truth, wholly focused on Him the way we ought to be, no distractions, no misunderstandings, no self to get in the way.

This world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through!

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1 thought on “Five Minute Friday: Home

  1. Love the idea of collecting homes…your 5-minute write ends beautifully, with a reflection on our true home. Love it!

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