Five Minute Friday: Wonder

Five Minute Friday rolls around again for a visit. This week the topic of choice is…


What is wonder? Curiosity, surprise, admiration, astonishment, awe.

What is wonder-ful? Things that produce those emotions or sensations, of course. Things that surprise you, that make you curious, that fill you with awe at their beauty or complexity or mystery.

What things cause me to wonder? Sunrise and sunsets, clear night skies full of stars and shining planets, power-filled thunderstorms and driving rain, crystalline beauty of new snow, a newborn’s first laugh, brides and grooms sharing their first kiss, unexpected generosity from friends or family…

All of these things are wonder-ful. They all surprise me in their own way, fascinating me with their incomprehensible immensity of power or beauty. But what brings me the most wonder of all?

Jesus Christ. His love for me. His willingness to leave His perfect home with His Father in heaven, to suffer the pangs of humanness, to put on the bondage of a sinful frame and live in the burden of a sin-filled earth. His perfect obedience to His Father’s will in all things, even the most horrible unconscionable death imagined, crucifixion. Even more, His willingness to be separated from His Father’s perfect love for the sake of taking on my sins and my punishment…. to separate Himself from Himself for me.

Oh, how marvelous! Oh, how wonderful! This wonder of wonders that thrills my soul, the wonder that Jesus loves me!

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1 thought on “Five Minute Friday: Wonder

  1. Oh, how beautiful! I am invited in to worship, here, swept up in your words of gratitude and wisdom. Thank you!!

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