Five Minute Friday: Full

It’s time yet again for another Five Minute Friday, five delicious minutes of pure, unedited writing straight from the heart. Today’s topic is…


This past week, hubby and I were able to enjoy a quick getaway to the mountains of Tennessee. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast high up on a mountain side, and enjoyed friendly chats with the hostess, a comfortable home (almost) all to ourselves with a panoramic view of the Smokies from the front porch, and three-course gourmet breakfasts. We started each day off quite full from bowls of fresh fruit, creme brulee french toast or bacon scones straight from the oven, and sizzling bacon or sausage. And of course, coffee.

It was nice, after a few months of counting calories and adhering to strict dietary guidelines, to eat whatever I wanted at each meal and end up full every time. I was burning enough calories from all the hiking and walking that I didn’t really worry about counting what I took in.

But now my thoughts turn to something else we should be full of: Jesus Christ. In John 6:27, He speaks to His disciples of the contrast between “food that perishes” and “food that endures to eternal life.”  And that makes me wonder, what am I filling myself up with? Food that perishes or food that lasts forever?

Do I fill myself up with Jesus Christ? Do I linger over His words and promises, letting myself soak in them until they overflow from my very pores? Do I savor His presence, drinking in every single moment of it?

Or do I try to fill myself with temporary pleasures? Movies or music or mystery novels… shopping… goofing off with friends… computer games. Things that give a moment of happiness but don’t produce lasting joy or peace. Things that pleasure the body or mind, but have nothing to do with saving or maturing our eternal souls.

There’s food for thought today. What are you filling up on?



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  1. Amen — true food for the soul! Have a blessed weekend!

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