Five Minute Friday: Loss

This week’s Five Minute Friday topic corresponds perfectly with something that’s been on my mind lately…


How is it that suffering loss in this life often leads to gain in the next life? That losing whatever is esteemed by the physical world – health, possessions, status – often brings great wealth in the spiritual realm?

Remember the Apostle Paul? He could boast of being an “Hebrew of the Hebrews,” the most zealous of the Pharisees, and blameless according to the law. He had everything that anyone in his time could desire. He had wealth, status, a reputation for being the best in everything. Yet he gave it all up for the sake of knowing Christ and being found in him. He suffered loss in this world, that he might gain what was greater.

Remember the hymn-writers? So many of them suffered great losses in their lifetimes. They lost their eyesight, or their health. They lost loved ones, family members and dear friends. They lost their homes and their possessions. But they were able to pen such amazing hymns that still speak to us today. Through their earthly losses, they gained an infinitely deeper relationship with their Savior, and a ministry they might never have had otherwise.

And what about us? Maybe we don’t have the qualifications that Paul did. Maybe we’ll never write as beautifully or profoundly as the great hymn-writers did. But doubtless, whatever we lose in this lifetime will lead us to gain something greater.

I lost my health, at least for a time… and yet I’ve gained opportunities I never would have had otherwise. Gained friendships with people I never would have met. Gained ministries I never would have imagined.

Those things that are gain to us in this life here on earth, those are the things we must be willing to lose for the sake of Christ. For the sake of knowing Him. For the sake of proclaiming Him. For the sake of heavenly, eternal gain.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Loss

  1. Such truth in these words. Loss in this life does not compare to the gain in the next. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great perspective you have.

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