Five Minute Friday: Still

This week, the Gypsy Mama is posting her Five Minute Friday over at (in)courage, a Christ-centered blog of encouragement for women, by women. If you haven’t stopped by there, I ‘encourage’ you to visit it sometime. But for now, the art of words. Five minutes of pure unedited writing straight from the heart. And the topic of choice is…


What happens when I am still?

My breathing calms, and my lungs fill more deeply and fully with rich oxygen. That oxygen spreads throughout my body, rushing into my bloodstream and up to my brain. And I breathe deeply again. Oxygen-rich blood pulses from organ to organ, improving physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

My heart rate slows. My mind responds with quietness, the absence of the day’s rushed busyness. My muscles relax and tension drains away from every part of my body.

Stillness is good. It relaxes the body and brain. It frees good hormones to replace bad ones. It calms the emotions.

But what good is that stillness if it does not affect our spiritual well-being? After all, man is a spiritual creature first and foremost. Our spiritual lives must be our priority.

So don’t just be still. Be still and give thanks to God. Be still and worship Him. Be still and listen to His voice. Be still and rejoice in Him. Be still and rest in Him.

Be still and know that He is God.


1 thought on “Five Minute Friday: Still

  1. being still can be really hard. especially when everything is falling around you. i guess that is when you need to really be still. good post

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