Five Minute Friday: Welcome

Time again for another Five Minute Friday! And a shout out for the Gypsy Mama, who continues to keep up with us on her blog, even during her sojourning in South Africa! For this week’s five minutes of straight-from-the-heart writing, she chose the topic….


Lots of things come to mind with the word “welcome.” I think of someone welcoming a loved one home from a trip, like a soldier coming home to his family or someone coming home from the hospital. I think of a welcome mat, a sign of hospitality and openness. I think of how we say “you’re welcome” to someone when they say “thank you.”

And I think of our heavenly Father, who welcomes us with open arms. If our hearts are pure, we can go to Him with boldness and He will hear us, listen to us, and respond to us. He will commune with us, and be intimate with us. He welcomes our prayers – our thanksgivings, our requests, our tears and our joy. And someday He will welcome us home to heaven. He will welcome all of His children, every soul that has placed their faith in Jesus Christ for redemption from sin… but He will not welcome us all the same. Some of us will receive a “Well done thou good and faithful servant” with our welcome. And I want to be one of those.

I want Him to smile when He welcomes me home, because my life has pleased Him. Because my words, my thoughts, my actions have been a pleasant smelling sacrifice to Him. Because He has been glorified through my testimony. Because He has been welcomed fully into my life, so that I can be fully welcomed into His arms.

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