Five Minute Friday: Beauty

Time again for another Five Minute Friday, when we enjoy five minutes of pure unedited writing. This week’s topic is…


Beauty comes in many forms. The exquisite colors of a butterfly’s wings. The brilliant jewel-tones of autumn leaves. The majestic splendor of unmoveable mountains. The deep blue of the ocean teeming with life. The unconquerable depths of space glittering with stars and planets.

Beauty comes in the sound of a newborn’s first cry, a baby’s laugh. The love between husband and wife. Love wbetween friends. It comes in the shape of eyes sparkling with life, faces glowing with happiness.

The world we live in is beautiful. The people around us are beautiful, each in their own way. But those are things we can see. What about the things we can’t see?

What about our hearts? Remember what the Lord told Samuel, when he was in search of king for Israel. In search of David, the shepherd boy. He told Samuel that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.

Do we remember that when we look in the mirror? When we lust over beautiful things for our homes or our bodies? Isn’t it far more important to make sure our hearts are beautiful in the sight of our Creator and Redeemer?



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  1. Such a beautiful post Elizabeth!

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