Five Minute Friday: New

So today is another day for “finger painting” with words… five minutes of pure, unedited writing, written directly from the heart. And the topic for today’s Five Minute Friday is…


I must admit, the first thing that comes to mind is that beloved hymn, “Tell me the old, old story of Jesus and His love.

But that old story brings so much that is new! It brings new life and a new relationship with our Creator. It brings us a new kind of peace and joy. It gives birth to a new kind of love within our hearts and minds. It sheds a new understanding of Scripture and of creation in its entirety.

And even more newness is coming, if we know our Creator as our own personal Savior. For someday, we will dwell in a new home face-to-face with the Master we have loved to serve all these years on earth. We will sing a new song of praise to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We will have new bodies that will no longer crumble and decay under the consequences of sin and death. We will have a new focus and a new kind of love as we are fully and finally married to to our betrothed, Jesus Christ. We will be surrounded with new life in every way imaginable.

Such an old, old story – but one that brings such newness of life!



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