God of Miracles

A miracle is defined as something that is humanly impossible, contrary to the laws of nature, and ascribed to a supernatural cause. In other words, something beyond human power that only God can do.

I believe in those kind of miracles. I have to, for I have had several of them take place in my own life. A friend recently asked the question on Facebook: “Has anyone ever seen God work in a truly miraculous way, or witnessed him accomplish something that seemed impossible?” I had too long an answer with too many details to share there, and thought my dear readers might be encouraged by hearing how God has worked in my life, so I decided to post it here as a testimony for all to see the faithfulness of my Heavenly Father.

Of course, the first miracle took place at the moment of salvation. For certain, that is something that is wholly impossible for man to do: save the eternal soul from eternal death and separation from God. But God chose both me and my husband, and brought us to know Him personally, both at very young ages. He gave us both Christ-centered families and churches to grow up in, and led us along into our adulthood, even until now. Those are things only He could do.

The others are more recent, all within the last five years, actually. But He has done some amazing works in my life, and our life as a couple. When I got sick back in April 2007, I was pretty close to losing my life. I even had a “premonition” (or whatever you call it) of being very near the end… but from a Saturday afternoon until the next Tuesday, God led James to get me to the hospital (against my doctor’s advice!), and He led the doctors to diagnose in 2 days what it usually takes months or even years to figure out. And yet, I didn’t have months. At that point, if I hadn’t begun treatment, I probably only had a few weeks due to the rapid progression and devastating nature of the disease. I consider that a miracle. He could have taken me home at that point, but He chose to begin a healing process which is still continuing, in order that I might serve Him longer on this earth.

I can also share of how He miraculously provided for us during the first year of marriage. We began our lives together with my incredibly poor health, no jobs for either of us, and no place to live. Yet he provided family and friends who gave us places to sleep and food to eat until James found a job and we found an inexpensive place to live. Nothing was ideal, of course, but in those moments when we weren’t sure where our grocery money was going to come from the next day, and couldn’t even afford the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s, He always provided in some unexpected way. We always had the money to pay our rent, and our utilities, and we never went hungry or homeless. He has continued to provide in His own miraculous ways throughout each year we’ve been married. He laid it on people’s hearts to provide us with necessary furniture: we never had to buy a bed, or kitchen table, or a sofa, because people shared what they had with us. He provided a vehicle for us when our car was totaled, for just under the amount we got from the insurance company. Even when James began seminary last fall, we weren’t at all sure where our living expenses were going to come from, but we firmly believed he was supposed to be in school. And once again, God always provided just what we needed, just when we needed it most. Looking at the figures on paper, I have no idea how we survived; but looking at our Savior, I know that it was through His miraculous provision which He provided for our every need.

Those are a few of the big ones for me. Those are the reasons why I believe in miracles, and the power of prayer, and the providence of God. If He hadn’t led me to pour out my requests in tears and groanings before Him, if I hadn’t had the Spirit interceding for me when all I could pray was “God help us” over and over again for the depths of emotion I felt, if I hadn’t fully and unwaveringly believed that He would change the circumstances for our benefit and His glory, would those miracles have happened? I don’t know. But they did, and they have cemented a firm belief that my God is a God of miracles.

What miracles have you seen take place in your own life? I would love to hear about them!


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  1. That does not include the miracles of somehow I have passed classes. Love ya, Yours

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