Five Minute Friday: Rest

I can’t believe it’s Friday once again! This week has been kind of busy for me, much more so for my husband. School started up again this week, and he is now in his third semester of seminary classes (out of 8-10?). I went with him to campus a few times- got to hear some good preaching and took advantage of my fitness center privileges.

And it’s a good thing that today is the day for Five Minute Friday, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be posting. Just too much to get done today. But, I can certainly afford to spend five minutes writing straight from the heart, as the Gypsy Mama says: “Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just write or not.” So for today’s five minutes of word art, we have the topic of…


Is your heart at rest?

We find our bodies so incredibly busy sometimes, our minds overloaded with to-do lists and things to remember or figure out, our senses overwhelmed with noise and lights and textures. But what about your heart, the very spirit of your being? Is it at rest?

The Psalms are full of beautiful poetry reminding us to be still, to wait and rest upon God, to quiet our spirits in His presence and drink deeply of His refreshing peace. Isaiah reminds us that waiting upon God will provide us with renewed strength and an everlasting refuge. And all throughout the New Testament, we are reminded to run to Christ, throw our cares at His feet, and exchange our burdens for His.

We are told that His burden is light, His yoke is easy. We are told that He can give us perfect peace, a peace that the world can neither offer nor understand. Peace that will overflow our hearts and minds.

Do you have that peace? Are you clinging to Christ, even amidst the busyness of your daily to-do lists? Is your heart at rest in Him?



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  1. Love the questions you posed here. A friend recently shared with me that her new goal was no longer to ask “how are you?” but “how is your soul?”. Your questions are tough but important. Thank you for asking them!

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