Five Minute Friday: Real Life

It’s time again for another Five Minute Friday, where we write for five minutes without worrying whether it’s just right or not. As the Gypsy Mama says, “no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.” And so, for today’s five minutes of pure, unadulterated, straight-from-the-heart thinking in word-form, we have the topic of…


Real life is hard. It’s deadlines and early mornings and late nights when you’re so tired you can’t even sleep. It’s not knowing where your grocery money will come from. It’s getting frustrated at never having enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank. It’s feeling like staying in bed till noon, or running away to a deserted island with only your spouse, no cell phone or email or any other way for people to find you.

But at the same time, real life is wonderful. It’s a gift, precious and unique to each one of us. It’s something that only you can live. It’s a time that only you have, and you only have it once. It’s smiles at unexpected moments, friends in unexpected places, and blessings from unexpected sources. It’s laughter with friends and love of family.

And real life is God-focused life. It’s being aware of the spiritual as well as the physical, of the spiritual battle we face and the spiritual strength we can draw on. It’s knowing we’re not in this life alone. Knowing that we have a Refuge always there for us, a Solace no one else can take away from us. It’s have a source of peace and courage that can never disappear, that is greater and deeper than any of us could ever comprehend.

Real life is life lived in Christ. Real life is abiding in Him. Real life is resting in His strength instead of trying to make it on our own. It’s throwing our earthly cares at His feet and following Him whole-heartedly. It’s allowing His strength to shine through our weaknesses.


If any of you bloggers out there are ever interested in joining the Five Minute Fridays, head on over to the Gypsy Mama’s site and jump right in! It’s always a blessing to read what others have to say, and to have that prompt each week to write to.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Real Life

  1. i love your take on ‘real life’ here! the last paragraph is so encouraging and beautiful! ‘real life is a life lived in Christ.’ YES! i think i need to write that on my forehead and read it everyday!

  2. Oh cousin Elizabeth isn’t that the truth I sometimes want to do the same thing.
    Me and the dogs just move to an island and just not worry about anything.
    You hit the nail right on the head.
    Your other cousin Elizabeth !!!!

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