Five Minute Fridays: Friends

This week’s Five Minute Friday fits perfectly with something I’ve been thinking about lately. Same word, in fact….


Other than when I lived on campus back in my college days, I’ve always needed (or wanted) more friends than I’ve had. There’s always been some difficulty I just couldn’t overcome – like distance. Or different stages of life (there’s not many Christian women my age who are married without kids). Not that I can’t have friends online or from different generations. I have those. But it’s not the same as a “best buddy” who you can share everything with, who you can call at 2 in the morning, who can show up at your house without any warning…

Sure, there’s other women in my church. Some are my age. Some are a little younger or a little older. Some are what I would consider spiritually mature, and some could use a bit of mentoring. The point is, they’re there. But we’re not tight yet. Sure, I’ve got obstacles to overcome. I have to plan things well in advance. I don’t have money or energy to just go out and do stuff all the time. I have to be home to take care of my husband whenever he happens to have time at home.

But there’s a verse that keeps coming to my mind, whenever I start feeling lonely or sorry for myself. It’s that verse in Proverbs that says something like “a man who has friends must show himself friendly.”

In other words, friends are just going to appear by magic. I have to work at it. I have to make the effort to ask how they’re doing (and mean it!). I have to pay attention to what’s going on in their lives. I have to make the effort, not sit around waiting for them to come to me.

Friends are an amazing gift from God and a wonderful blessing. They can encourage and uplift, they can pray with you and for you, they can provide much needed laughter and relaxation. But they require work, like anything else worth attaining and keeping. So if you’re feeling short of friends, let me ask you this – are you making yourself friendly?



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  1. You’re right. We switched to a new church recently (sort of…a year and a half ago) and had a really tight community at our previous church. I sometimes feel sorry for myself that I don’t have any close friends yet at our new church, but how much have I been working at being friendly?

    Great post!!

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