Just Like Jesus

We can have the same kind of life that Christ did during His time here on earth. Sure, we are still fully human, and thus we will still continue to sin and still continue to disappoint our heavenly Father. But we can have the same spiritual fullness, the same intimate communion with God, the same unwavering trust in our Father’s will.

We can have the same effect on others, by ministering wherever we are. We can be the same sort of encouragement, by using our word to uplift and edify at every opportunity. We can be the same sort of teachers, by remembering that people are always watching, and by maintaining a God-centered testimony.

We can have the same relationship with God, if we make it a daily practice to get alone with Him. If we are consistent and focused in our time with Him. If we are fully obedient to every single command He gives us. We can have the same fullness of life, if we truly rest in every one of His promises.

We can have the same peace that surpasses all human comprehension flooding our hearts and minds, by having a thankful spirit and a trusting heart. We can live with the same sense of purpose, simply by knowing God’s Word and how it defines His will for each of us. We can have the same abundant joy, by continually abiding in Him.

Christ came to earth to minister, to redeem, to save. But He came also that we might have an example of how to live in this sinful world, and how to flourish spiritually in the midst of temptations and weaknesses. Look to Him. Remember His life on earth, His constant communication with His Father, His teachings to His disciples. Remember His faithfulness, His humility, His constancy. Remember the peace and joy and trust that He had, which He offers to everyone of us today.

He showed us how to live. We have but to follow His example.


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