Book Review: From Pride to Humility

A few months ago, my friend Sarah from Joy-filled Days recommended a book titled From Pride to Humility, by Stuart Scott. I finally purchased it about a month ago, and just finished working through it this past week. With only 31 pages it’s very short, but there is a lot of truth packed into those few pages.

Scott begins the study by defining what pride is according to Scripture, and giving thirty examples of how it might be manifested in our lives. He includes a chart depicting the “Anthropocentric View,” or the “master’s mindset” that pride engenders. The reader is then encouraged to meditate a bit longer on the wickedness and sinfulness of pride against a great and holy God. From there, Scott turns to defining humility, citing biblical examples and offering twenty-four examples of how humility might be manifested in our own lives. He includes another chart, this time of the “Theocentric View,” or the “servant mindset” that is formed by humility. He closes the study with some practical suggestions for daily living. At the end of this booklet, he includes an overview of God’s provisions for man (salvation, sanctification, and glorification).

From Pride to Humility provided some excellent food for thought. For me, the most thought-provoking sections were the two lists covering “manifestations of pride” and “manifestations of humility.” Scott includes Scripture references for each manifestation, which provided a good point-by-point study to work through on my own. I did have a little difficulty with his writing style, which distracted me from the main focus of the study, but that could just be personal preference (I’m kind of a picky reader). I would not consider this the best or most exhaustive work on the subjects of pride and humility, but it is a great quick study of the topic. It’s a good starting place.


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