300 Reasons to be Thankful

When I was catching up with three days of thankfulness yesterday, I suddenly realized I was nearing the end of the road! Today is the last day of the November Thankfulness Challenge – though hopefully not the last day I share things for which I am thankful. In some ways I can’t believe I actually came up with 300 reasons to be thankful, and yet at the same time, I realize that I have so much more than I deserve in this life, that I don’t even realize how blessed and privileged I am. If this Thankfulness Challenge has done anything, it has stretched my mind and opened my eyes to all the little things, and all the oft-overlooked things, that we tend to forget about being thankful for. The things that those poorer than us don’t have (even if we consider ourselves at the bottom of the ladder, so to speak). The friendships and family that others might not be able to enjoy. The memories, the homes, the special places that we often take for granted. The things we complain about that are really blessings “in disguise.”

We have such an incredible amount to be thankful for! Every moment, every person, every situation is a reason to praise our great Giver. He gives only what is for our best and what will most exalt His name – thus everything we have and everything we experience is for our best and for His glory. He works everything together for our good, if we love Him and call upon His name. And thus, in everything we are to give thanks. In everything we are to praise Him, and rejoice, and exalt His name.

What is there today that you are complaining about? What do you feel annoyed at, frustrated over, overwhelmed by? Thank God for it. Praise Him for what He is teaching you, how He is leading and guiding you, how He is proving Himself to you. Rejoice in it. Find joy in Him rather than in that crazy circumstance. Find peace in Him rather than disquiet in discord. Find Him. Praise Him. Magnify Him.

291. A month focused on being thankful
292. A month focused on our Savior’s birth
293. A season focused on giving to others
294. Friends who become like family
295. Friends who are answers to prayer
296. Fellow bloggers who give encouragement and accountability
297. Life with my beloved husband
298. His companionship through sickness and health, poverty and wealth
299. His faithful love, tender care, and self-sacrificing provision for us
300. His wisdom, spiritual leadership, and respectability

And much, much more!

Did you compile a thankfulness list? I would love to read it and share in your joys and blessings! Feel free to post a link to it below!


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