And We Shall Behold Him!

Thought for the day: in heaven there will no longer be a focus on the cross and the blood of Jesus, since this stage of life will be fully complete. There will no longer be the effects of sin, neither the causes (temptation) nor the consequences (physical and spiritual death). And we will see the full radiance of our Creator, as no man has ever seen it. We will reflect it fully and completely, without needing a veil as Moses did when he saw the back side of God. And His glory will illuminate and fill our dwelling place, His holy city, the New Jerusalem. Can you imagine how intense and passionate His radiance is? Can you imagine living in it every.single.moment, and abundantly thriving in it? Can you imagine reflecting it back to Him? Now that’s something to make everything in this world seem trivial!

Day 6 of the Thanksgiving Challenge

51. An extra hour of sleep once a year
52. Good fiction to read before bed
53. Having my husband home at night
54. Sharp cheddar cheese
55. Black beans, navy beans, green beans
56. Ground Italian sausage
57. Johnson family hot chocolate (best ever!)
58. Preaching that satisfies like a good steak dinner
59. Hymns and spiritual songs that focus on the cross
60. People using their talents to edify the local church

What are you thankful for today?

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