March 22, 2018

Catching Up

I’m back!!

Forgive me for not posting for a few days… Sunday being Sunday, we had church in the morning, dinner out afterwards, and then we hopped in the car to travel home from Massachusetts. We had a wonderful visit in MA with my parents, my brother and his wife, our extended family, and my childhood (and parents’) church family. It was refreshing and comforting to be welcomed with hugs and questions of concern about our lives. It was a blessing to be encouraged and edified by so many that we consider “family” in one way or another. And it was exciting to find blog readers almost everywhere I went! Thanks to you all who faithfully read my posts! I write with you in my mind and heart, I pray that my words are a constant blessing to you, and I hope that this blog is a source of encouragement and edification in your lives.

Anyway, today I am back home (so good to be with family, but always so good to get back home again), catching up on laundry and bills and unpacking. And blogging. I have three days worth of things I am thankful for to share with you… and they all sort of have to do with our time away, whether it’s the people we saw or the roads we traveled or the things we did.

261. Piano arrangements
262. Baby grands
263. Fellow musicians
264. Good in-depth preaching
265. Congregational singing
266. Multiple church families
267. Finding blog readers wherever I travel 🙂
268. Friends who encourage me to keep writing
269. Friends who encourage me to publish a book
270. Readers who comment, share, and leave feedback

271. Safety driving across the country
272. Alternatives to I-95!
273. Getting out of Connecticut
274. Pet-friendly hotels
275. Dunkin Donuts
276. Toll-free interstates
277. GPS on cell phones
278. Rest areas and easy on-off centers
279. Room saver coupon books
280. Cheaper gas prices in the south

281. Multiple homes across the country (MA, SC, AL)
282. Parents who cherish our times together
283. Parents who love and pray faithfully
284. Parents who listen and advise wisely
285. Parents who set faithful and godly examples
286. Grandparents who have set godly examples
287. Grandparents who care, pray, and love
288. Church families who remember and pray
289. Church families who welcome with open arms
290. Family of every kind who take an interest in each other’s lives