Day Five & Being a Blessing

Last night we had the privilege of fellowshipping with our pastor and his wife, and a few other couples in the same stage of life as us (ie, young marrieds without kids). I dearly love my friends who are moms, and my friends who aren’t married, but it was so refreshing to spend time with people who can completely relate to where we are in life. And to have that spiritual connection with them as well… even though we hadn’t known each other long, we still had that common bond of Jesus Christ that gave us instant fellowship. It was such a blessing!

And I want to add a challenge here: find someone in your church family to whom you can be a blessing. They don’t have to be in the same stage of life as you. They don’t have to have all the same interests or the same goals as you. Our pastor’s wife is certainly not a “young-married-without-kids” but she has taken an interest in those of us who are, and has gone out of her way to be hospitable and encouraging. They didn’t have to open their home last night, and do all the extra work (like cleaning up everything after we left at midnight!), but they did. And they enjoyed the evening just as much as we did (I think). You don’t try to be a blessing for the purpose of being blessed, but it usually comes along the way as you are being a blessing. As you seek to bear other’s burdens, yours will be borne. As you seek to meet another’s needs, your own needs will fade away into the background. As you seek to minister to others, your heart will be refreshed and ministered unto. Decide today to be a blessing to someone in your church tomorrow. Call them during the week. Write them a note with a favorite Scripture verse. Remember what’s been going on in their lives and ask them specifically how things are. Forget about your own problems, your loneliness or your lack of confidence, and be a blessing.

41. Fellowship with church family, outside of church
42. Side-splitting, tear-inducing, breath-stealing laughter
43. Instant connections with fellow Christians because of Christ
44. Friends who can relate to your circumstances
45. Friends who pray for each other
46. Friends who give even when it can’t be reciprocated
47. Opportunities to minister to others
48. Pastors (and their wives) who truly care for their flock
49. Older women in the church teaching younger women
50. Bearing each other’s burdens in prayer

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1 thought on “Day Five & Being a Blessing

  1. so glad you had such a fun night, Elizabeth and thankful for your pastor’s wife being such a good friend to you. <3

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