Errand Days, Day 19

Errand days can be frustrating. Especially errand days on Saturdays in the last two months of the year. Almost everywhere is packed full of people, overflowing with chaos and crying babies and cranky adults. Lines are so long that you spend more time waiting than doing the actual errand, whether it’s getting your oil changed or running to walmart or grabbing a snack at McDonalds. But there’s things to be thankful for in the midst of those frustrations…. you know, “don’t complain that your parking space is a mile out from the store, be grateful you can walk that far.” Or, “don’t grumble about the price of gas, be thankful you have a car.” Yeah, stuff like that. Be thankful you have a walmart to go to, the money to afford a snack while you’re out, a car to take care of and places that will do the work for you. Be thankful for clothes to keep you warm and heated buildings to shelter you, instead of complaining about the weather. There is always something to be thankful for in every situation. Remember that verse? “In every thing give thanks.” Including long lines and sore feet and empty wallets.

Here’s ten things like that I was thankful for today as we ran errands and took care of stuff around town:

181. Unexpected time with my husband
182. Free tire rotations
183. Dollar menus
184. Libraries
185. Winter jackets
186. Scarves and gloves
187. Fun socks
188. Dark chocolate
189. Smart phones
190. Google Docs


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