Five Minute Friday & Day 12

Today’s Five Minute Friday is a little different for me. I am combining it with my thoughts on today’s ten things I am thankful for. And the topic of choice is…


I was talking to my husband last night about this Thankfulness Challenge, and wondering what theme to choose for today. And he turned to me and said “Soap.”

At first I just kind of looked at him, like, how can I find ten kinds of soap to be thankful for? But we were standing in the kitchen (he was washing dishes actually, with soap), and I realized how grateful I ought to be for a modern American kitchen. I love to cook. I love creating a whole meal from a bunch of seemingly random ingredients. It’s like an art to me, knowing just how much of this to put in, just how much that to sprinkle on top…. I’m not all about gadgets and gizmos, I prefer to do things with my own two hands (I rarely even use a hand mixer!), but I still have so many conveniences in my kitchen. It really makes cooking a joy. Can you imagine the kitchens of many women over in some of the third-world countries? They have a stone for grinding flour, a fire for cooking, and I’m not sure they really have anything to keep the food cold. Never mind things like running water or a coffee-pot! Or a pantry, since they probably don’t have enough to keep around more than what they need for just a day or two.

Take a fresh look at your kitchen today. Find those unexpected things to be thankful for. Things we take for granted and overlook, simply because everybody we know has that thing as well. Even if you’re not too thrilled about cooking much, I can guarantee you still use things in there (like a sink with running water) that many people in the world can’t even imagine.


111. A modern kitchen with all sorts of conveniences
112. Fridge and freezer to keep things cold
113. Closet-sized pantry
114. Reliable oven and stove to prepare food
115. Microwave for quick reheats, heating up hot packs, and boiling water
116. Handy appliances like can-opener, blender, food processer, toaster
117. Coffee-pot 🙂
118. Cast iron skillets
119. Counter-top water filter
120. Dish soap, hand soap, sponges, and scrub brushes

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