Five Minute Friday & Thankfulness Challenge

And Friday rolls around once again, this time with rain and clouds and lots of colored leaves. And Five Minute Friday comes along, giving us a chance to write for five minute without over-thinking or editing or worrying about whether it’s “just right” or not. And today’s topic fits perfectly with the Thankfulness Challenge of posting 10 things each day that I’m thankful for….


Remember what God has done for you. Remember who He is.

Remember that He gave of Himself to pay the dreadful price for your sins. Remember that He became estranged from His very self, faced persecution from those He created, was hated by those He loved beyond measure. Remember that He suffered agony and death, so that we could enjoy blessings and abundant life.

Remember that He loves you, and that nothing in this world or the next can separate you from His love. Remember that He is rich in mercy, and full of grace. Remember that He is strong where we are so weak, that He carries us when we can step no further. Remember that He is sufficient, His grace is enough for each day, His strength is enough for whatever He brings our way.

Remember your Creator. Remember who is the only God, the Ruler of all nature, the King over all kings. Remember who sustains you, who gives breath and keeps your heart beating. Remember who provides your daily bread, fulfills your needs, satisfies your longings.

Remember, and meditate on it. Remember, and give thanks in it all. Remember, and rejoice in Him always.


31. Fresh understanding every time I read the Word
32. Unity and completeness of Scripture
33. Total relevancy of the entire Word to my life
34. Time-tested trustworthiness of God’s words
35. The privilege of having my own copy of the Bible
36. Freedom to read that Bible with others freely and openly
37. Freedom to worship freely, pray in public, and proclaim Christ in every venue
38. Parents who started me memorizing Scripture at a very early age
39. Remembering those memorized verses just when they are most needed
40. Conversations with others that require those memory verses

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1 thought on “Five Minute Friday & Thankfulness Challenge

  1. Beautiful! And just what I needed to remember today.

    I especially like the line “Remember that He became estranged from His very self” — I hadn’t thought of it that way before. It’s like the flip side of “Remember who you are” — He chose to forget for our sakes!

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