Freedom to Learn – Day 10

A lot of things have led me to be thankful for these 10 things I’ve listed below. I have a great thirst for studying theology and knowing my Bible better, and am so incredibly grateful that I live where I do and when I do. If I had been born in ancient or medieval times, I probably would not have been allowed to study and learn as much as I do. One, because I’m female; and two, simply because the wide range of resources we have today weren’t available! Many of our theological works, commentaries, study Bibles, and other doctrinal books were not written until the past few hundred years! Some of the great church fathers did write about their studies, but a lot of them were not available to the general public like they are today. Even the Bible itself was not available like it is today! Owning multiple copies of God’s Word is a fairly new thing in the course of history.

And even non-religious education, for females specifically, is not all that old. Think about when the pilgrims sailed over here to America, less than 400 years ago. Women worked in the home. They cared for their gardens, their animals, their children, and their husbands. They sewed, they cooked, they sang, they prayed. The young girls received what we could consider “grade-school” education, but that was about it. It’s only in the last 100 years or so that women have had the freedom to continue on to “higher” education at colleges and universities. Now, I am not advocating “feminism” or “women’s rights” or anything like that. But I am certainly grateful to have the same opportunities as my husband to continue learning! God gave me a mind, and I intend to use it. He gave me a thirst for knowledge, and I intend to fill it, as much as He allows me!

And so, today, here are 10 things regarding education in general, as well as education in Biblical doctrine, that we women (and men) in America ought to be thankful for:

91. Commentaries, Bible dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, study Bibles – all to help us better know and understand God’s Word
92. Godly theologians and church fathers who have taken time to study and write extensively about theology and doctrine
93. Accessibility of Biblical resources for the “common” man (or woman)
94. Availability of higher education in the US, for almost any field of study
95. Freedom for women to receive quality education beyond high school
96. Freedom to use our minds, not slavery to governmental decree (ie, fascism)
97. Non-traditional learning opportunities (online classes, podcasts, etc)
98. Written histories of the world, the church, and our country
99. A sacred Book that is the standard for truth in all things
100. Libraries, e-books, and websites that enable increased learning


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