Giving Thanks in Every Thing

Are you thankful for the little things in life? The things that make you laugh, the foods that make you smile? Scripture gives us the command to “in every thing give thanks.” We tend to “spiritualize” this command, and rightly so, but we must also realize that “every thing” does not exclude any thing! We must give thanks for the things we see and hear and feel and experience… for every thing!

And so, ten sort-of-random things I am thankful for today:

121. Have I mentioned coffee yet? 🙂
122. Flavored green tea
123. (Non-caffeinated) herbal teas
124. V8 vegetable and fruit juices
125. Plum jam on toast
126. Papa John’s pizza
127. Muppet’s Christmas Carol
128. Lego games for the Wii
129. Green phone covers
130. Wireless computer mice

Care to share something you are thankful for today?


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