March 22, 2018

It’s the Holiday Season!

News flash! Thanksgiving is this Thursday!!

I know, you all know that. But doesn’t it seem to creep up faster and faster every year? And if you’re like us, we see one side of the family at Thanksgiving and the other side at Christmas. Which means we celebrate Christmas in November with the ones we see then, and again in December with the ones we see then. Which means I have to budget and shop and wrap gifts that much earlier. True, I enjoy it. I love being able to share gifts with the people I love, and I enjoy getting creative with ideas and ways to save money, and I have lots of fun figuring out fun ways to wrap everything. But still, it’s a lot of work sometimes.

And today, this week, we are preparing for Thanksgiving and our first 2011 Christmas. We’ll be able to spend time with my family, which I’m very much looking forward to. Small-ish family, but we have 2 dogs that always keep everything interesting (and noisy). So today I’m getting laundry and house-cleaning out of the way, trying to get gifts wrapped and gift tags made, thinking and planning for the week ahead. It’s a lot of work, but at least I’m at home to do it all. I can’t imagine what it must be like for those of you who work outside the home or have kids to take care of in addition to all the holiday preparations! But maybe today’s ten things to be thankful for will be an encouragement to you, as you do all that housework and cooking and shopping and everything else that needs to be done before Thursday. Be thankful for what you have, even if it means there’s more work to be done. Be thankful for your husband’s ever-present pile of dirty clothes, because it means you have a husband to pile them there. Be thankful for the messes you have to clean up, because it means there’s people around to make those messes. Be thankful for all the preparations you have to do, because it means you have something to celebrate, a time to reflect on something important, and people to share that time with. These are good things, even though they make our lives busier and crazier and more hectic.

In every thing give thanks.

201. Laundry – because it means I have clothes to wear
202. Cooking – because it means I have someone to cook for
203. Dirty kitchens – because it means it gets used regularly
204. Dirty carpets/floors – because it means I don’t live alone
205. To-do lists – because it means I have responsibilities to fulfill
206. Bills to pay – because it means I have whatever I’m paying for
207. Gifts to wrap – because it means I have loved ones to buy gifts for
208. Car to take care of – because it means I have personal transportation
209. Puppy to care for – because it means I have a constant companion
210. Clothes that no longer fit right – because it means I’ve lost weight!