March 22, 2018

More Things I Like About Sundays

As much as I enjoy Sundays, they can get a little busy sometimes… like, in the mornings, when you’re trying to get yourself, help other people get ready, put lunch in the crockpot, and get to church on time. Or trying to get a nap in the afternoon. Or getting to talk to everyone you need to at church.

But we have quite a few conveniences available to help us out. And getting to church on time, and having lunch already in the crockpot, will give you time to fellowship and catch up with people before and after the service. And isn’t it great when a group decides to go out after the evening service, or when there’s a special fellowship time at the church itself? So here are ten things that make my Sundays easier and and a little less hectic:

191. Crockpots
192. Coffee pots
193. Outlet timers
194. Cell phone alarm clocks
195. Morning routines
196. Travel mugs
197. Christian radio stations
198. Once-a-week naptimes
199. Sunday papers (with coupons!)
200. Post-service fellowships

We’re two-thirds of the way through November! Have you started working on your thankfulness list yet?