On the Seventh Day…

How often do we take the ‘essentials’ of life for granted? Things like having a roof over our heads, insulation in our homes, running water to clean and cook, lights and electricity for comfort and convenience? Like having ways to communicate with friends and family other than paper mail? Like having a reliable set of wheels – even if it’s a beat-up, scratched, less-than-perfect soccer mom van, and you’re NOT a soccer mom? I was reminded of this as I paid some bills this morning. I hate seeing the money leave our account, but I am so grateful that (1) I live in a country where these things are available, and (2) my God always provides for what I truly need. If He doesn’t provide it, then I must not need it. In the midst of this Thanksgiving Challenge, let me challenge you today to be grateful for the necessary things. The things that make the difference between being homeless and at home, that let us do things other than take care of our homes 24/7, that give us a little comfort as we fulfill our responsibilities in life.

61. Heat, air conditioning, and insulation
62. Power for lights, laundry, and kitchen appliances
63. Phone and internet services
64. Locks on the doors and windows
65. Unnecessary comforts –ice cream, candles, television
66. God’s faithfulness in providing just what we need
67. God’s perfect timing for His provision
68. Unexpected blessings from friends and family
69. Grocery store sales and coupons
70. Student, and employee discounts


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