People of Influence – Day 9

Every relationship we have on this earth serves a purpose. Some relationships teach us how to live, whether through good or bad examples. Some provide shoulders to cry on, hands to help bear our burdens, friendships to support us through the rough times. Some are for being poured out in ministry and prayer, giving of time and energy for the benefit of another. Some relationships are brief; others may be life-long. Some are by choice, some are by blood. Every one of them has a purpose. Every one of them has been ordained by God for a specific time and reason.

For today’s list of 10 things, I decided to focus on my pre-college relationships (I hope to focus on my post-adolescent relationships another day). By narrowing the time frame, it allowed me to focus my memories and sort of re-discover who God has used to shape me into who I am today. A few people came easily to mind, but some of the others took a while to think of, to realize the effect they had on me.

Why don’t you give it a try?

81. My Mom, who led me to Christ, and taught me faithfulness, prayerfulness, discipline, and hard work by her own consistent example
82. My Daddy, loving provider and protector for our family, faithful in the Word, respected servant-leader whom I still look up to today
83. My brother, who let his little sister tag along with him, try to be like him (anything he could do…), and talk to him about almost everything
84. My childhood pastor, who preached sound doctrine and instilled a desire to dig deeply in the Word, and who prayed for me since before I was born!
85. My childhood pastor’s wife, who nurtured my musical talent, giving me a life-long gift and ministry and influencing my call to full-time ministry
86. My fifth grade teacher, who made learning fun, and added creativity and laughter to schoolwork and learning
87. An unsaved piano teacher during my high school years, who solidified my desire to serve God with my talents rather than using them just for myself
88. One of my high school teachers who mentored me in the Word and showed me Christ by his consistent example and concern for his students
89. Acquaintances who unknowingly forced me to take a stand for Christ, defining how I would live the rest of my life
90. Five or six friends from high school who still sort of keep in touch today (oh the memories we share!)

Who are some people from your childhood that influenced you greatly, who shaped you into the person you are today?
I would love to hear about them!


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  1. aw, thanks, sis!

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