People of Influence, Part 2

Last week, as part of my thankfulness challenge, I shared 10 people who influenced me during the first 18 years of my life. Today, I want to share with you 10 people (or groups of people) from my college years who greatly influenced me. These people shared their time and energy with me through friendship and leadership. They loved, prayed for, laughed with, and taught me. If I were to write the names of every single individual who impacted me during those four years, that list would number over one hundred. If I were to write the names of just the ones I was close to, of whom I have the fondest memories and whose friendships I cherished the most, that too would be lengthy. So I limited myself to just ten… perhaps the ten most unique influences from those four years.

161. Friends made within the first week of college that lasted all four years of undergrad {Faith, Elena, Keith…}
162. Leann, my ex-boyfriend’s sister who became my favorite roommate and one of my closest friends
163. Joy, my best friend from the time I persuaded her to put off studying and go to a shindig with me… to making duct tape kites, walking to IHOP at 9PM, walking to the park every week to go swinging, having weekly prayer meetings, being random and goofy…. and asking people about cheese!
164. Society sisters, who gave me the opportunity to serve as chaplain for a semester and supported me through prayer when I ended up in the hospital
165. Jenny, Jessie, and Taryn, the best roommates a PC could ask for and the ones who made my senior year absolutely hilarious
166. Other friends who are far too many to name one-by-one, who added lots of laughter, many blessings, encouragement, and camaraderie (and lots of great memories!)
167. Bob and Joyce Landis from MTT Ministries, who led the first Western US missions team while I was a student, which led to God calling me to help with church-planting out West
168. Dr. Sam Schnaiter, teacher of the hardest class I’ve ever taken (a Greek book class), yet the class where I learned and grew the most during all four years of college
169. Other teachers who expected academic excellence and inspired a life-long love for learning
170. James, the guy who I met in fall’02, who I finally became friends with fall’04, who asked me to officially date March’05, and eventually proposed to (Dec’06) and married me (Jul’07)…. the love of my life, the one who always makes me smile, and the best thing I got out of my college education 🙂

Can I also add some specific names here at the end? Shout-outs to Elena, Faith, Kitty, Kristen, Keith, Neil, Bubba, Joy, Tammy, Jess U, Jess M, Andy, Kim, Melody, Karen W, Alicia (awriter), Erin (artisterin), Laura Q, Amy K, Angela, Vanessa, Heather (greek buddy), Lisa & Dale, Stefanie…. and so many others!


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