Spiritual Blessings – Day 11

Today was a marathon sort of day for me, and I am too tired to write very much. So, sorry for the brevity, but here are ten spiritual blessings for which we should all be thankful:

101. God, who is beyond all human comprehension and description!
102. Jesus Christ, who is fully sufficient for my every need
103. Holy Spirit to guide, direct, convict, and reassure
104. Scriptures that give us everything we need for life and godliness
105. Spiritual family, with God as our eternal heavenly Father
106. Being co-heirs with Christ of all the spiritual blessings of heaven
107. Having a sure hope of eternal unbroken fellowship with God
108. Hope for the redemption of our bodies, future freedom from sin’s curse
109. Knowing that we are made for something greater than this world
110. Knowing that we are but sojourners here – we have a future home, a city whose builder and maker is God, where He will dwell with man!


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