Thankfulness Challenge, Day 2

Here’s to the second day of November’s Thankfulness Challenge, as was announced yesterday. We are trying to list 10 things every day this month that we are thankful for, challenging our minds to see God’s blessing in unexpected places, and focusing our hearts on being grateful for everything.

I would love to hear about what you are thankful for! Feel free to post your lists in the comments section; or if you are sharing this on your blog or website, go ahead and share the link with us! It is always an encouragement to hear how God is blessing fellow believers.

11. Christ-centered parents and grandparents
12. Siblings {and siblings-in-law} who love and care for each other
13. Unexpected times together – other than the usual holiday gatherings
14. Spiritual fellowship with each other
15. Parents who become best friends
16. Fuzzy socks
17. Fleece blankets
18. Sunshine streaming in my window
19. Friends who text just to say hi
20. Laughter


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