Thankfulness Challenge, Day 3

Continuing on with Day 3 of this 30-Day Challenge… I was reminiscing with my parents on the phone yesterday about how they got me started writing Thankfulness Lists every year. I don’t remember how old I was when I wrote the first list, but I’m sure I was doing it by the time I could read, around age 3-4. Every year I had to write a specific number of things I was thankful for by Thanksgiving morning. The length of the list grew as I got older; by the time I was a teenager, I think it was around 40 or 50 things. Of course, my parents had me doing it so that I could focus on giving thanks in everything. But I also loved the challenge of coming up with unique things each year, not just writing down the same old list of “God, parents, friends, and church” that so easily comes to mind.

They stopped requiring the list once I was in college, but I’ve continued it since then anyway and it’s become a bit of tradition for me (and yes, I plan to continue that with our children when we have them). I know we are to be thankful all the time and in every circumstance. But I love taking a whole month to focus specifically on that. Especially the month before Christmas, when it can be easy for us to grumble about what we can’t afford or be slighted by those who forgot to send us Christmas cards… Focusing on thankfulness this month helps me feel refreshed and more grateful when December comes along. And so, my ten things for today are:

21. Coffee in the mornings
22. Flavored creamers
23. No-calorie sugar substitutes
24. A husband who patiently answers my many questions
25. A husband who faithfully and lovingly takes care of me
26. A husband whose love for me pictures Christ’s love for the church
27. A husband who always makes me laugh
28. Pumpkin and cider scented candles
29. Hot apple cider and hot chocolate with marshmallows
30. Green houseplants during non-green seasons

So have you started your list yet? Care to share?


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