What I Like About Sundays

Sundays are traditionally considered a “day of rest.” It’s the day that {some} stores and perhaps restaurants are closed, a day that businesses refuse to meet, a day when people tend to focus on family and friends and fellowship. And for the Christian, it is a day when we can physically rest from the toil and labor of Monday through Saturday, and find spiritual rest within our local church. It is a day when we can meet together with our own spiritual family, bearing each other up with prayer and encouraging each other with praise. It is a day when we can come together as one before our Father, offering our sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving and worship to Him. It is a day when we can focus specifically on renewing our minds, through the preaching of the Word, and through hearing and singing and teaching sound doctrine. It is a day of rest and renewal and refreshment.

And Sundays are a day of service, a day when we can give of ourselves and our time for the edification of others. It is day full of opportunities to serve within the church itself, to reach out to the community through ministries in town, to spend dedicated time in prayer for fellow Christians and for the unsaved. It is a day when we can serve through our words, by caring enough to find out how someone is doing. A day when we can serve through our attitudes, by being joyful and at peace as we meet and fellowship with each other. It is a day to serve with our gifts and talents, through music and teaching and preaching, through encouraging and listening, through behind-the-scenes stuff and on-the-platform stuff.

Sundays are a day set aside for the betterment of our spiritual lives. Sure, we may do “un-spiritual” things in the afternoon or after Sunday night church. Like watching football, reading a good book, studying for a test, or just hanging out with friends. But the overall emphasis of the day is worshiping God. Worshiping Him through offering praise, through serving Him and His children, through learning more about Him, through focusing specifically on our relationship with Him.

And so today {even though it’s Monday} here are ten things I am thankful for about Sundays:

131. A day completely different from the rest of the week
132. College & Career class to lead, get to know, pray for, and fellowship with
133. Opportunities to minister through music
134. Singing hymns of praise to God with others who love and know Him
135. Hearing others give testimonies through word and song
136. Preaching and teaching of the Word and sound doctrine
137. New, unexpected opportunities to serve and grow within the local church
138. Time together with the family of God
139. Extra time with my husband
140. Restful afternoons

What is your favorite thing about Sundays?


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