Proposition for 2012

I have a proposition for you, my faithful readers.

I have been reviewing my goals for 2011 and considering what I’d like to accomplish in 2012. And one specific goal I’ve been thinking about is trying to read through the whole Bible in one year. And I’m wondering if any of my readers would like to accomplish this with me.

I’ve tried doing the one-year thing before, and always seem to get stuck in 1-2 Chronicles. So this time I’m headed for a plan that’s a little different. Maybe one that switches up the Old & New Testaments, maybe one that goes through the Bible chronologically…. I’m still looking and pondering, but I definitely want to find one and complete it over the next 12 months.

Why? For one, there’s a WHOLE LOT of verses in the sixty-six books of the Bible. And while I have quite a few memorized, there’s a lot more that I forget. Or even worse, forget about. As we turn the pages in our Bibles on Sundays, during the messages, I sometimes come across passages and think “oh yeah, I forget this was in here!” Or, “I can’t remember when I last read this section.” So, reading through the entire Bible in a year, our memories will be refreshed and we will be reminded of promises and commands and the works of our God in the past, present, and future.

Second, reading through the Bible in one year allows us to focus on the big picture of redemption. We certainly need to use a magnifying glass and focus on all the little details, but we seem to forget about the Book as a whole. We see all the trees and forget about the forest, so to speak. But by reading the whole book in one year, we become more aware of its overarching themes of God’s love, man’s depravity, faith, grace, atonement, repentance, and worship (among others).

Third, as we read through the Bible in larger sections and less time, we are more able to see the unity and coherence of the Word. Think about it: all sixty-six books of the Bible were penned by over 40 authors, on 3 different continents, in 3 different languages, over a period of at least 1500 years. And yet, nowhere does it contradict itself. Nowhere is it incoherent or irrelevant. And the more you read at one time, the more you can see it. You can go from the Minor Prophets to the Psalms, and read the same exact words. You can read Deuteronomy and find quotes from the Psalms. You can read the Gospels, and find quotes from the Prophets. You can read Revelation and find quotes from the Gospels.

So, who wants to join me? It would add accountability and perhaps help us better accomplish the goal. And it would add a chance for the sharing of God’s truth and how it applies to our lives. We could take a day each week to link up what we’ve learned from that week’s readings, whatever has stuck out in our minds or convicted or encouraged us. That would be a wonderful way for us to sharpen each other “as iron sharpens iron,” building each other up in the Word and in the faith.

So leave me a comment here on the blog if you’re interested… I won’t know unless you say so!


8 thoughts on “Proposition for 2012

  1. I’ll join you on reading the Bible through in 2012!

  2. Hey girl! I love reading through the Bible in a year – done it the past several years using Max Lucado’s Grace for the Moment Bible. It’s set up where every day you read from the OT, Psalms, Proverbs, and NT and it opens with one of his devotionals. (Let me specify that often the Ps & Prov are a chapter or less so it’s not huge chunks of the Bible). So all that to say, YES I’ll do it and I do recommend this type of one-year plan. It helps get through the hard Chronicles and other tough sections 🙂

  3. I’d like to try this too.
    Have you picked a method yet?
    I suppose if we will link our learnings, we should kinda be on the same page.
    However, the Book is so complex that much of it can be cross-linked also.

    When will you start? The 1st of Jan?

    1. Colette, I am planning to start this on January 1. I will be picking a plan over the next two weeks, and was thinking of posting each week’s selections every Saturday, so we’d all have it for each subsequent week.

      1. Cool. Will you post what plan you decide on?
        How much time per day do you think it should take?
        Not that I should put a time on this…

      2. Yes I will post again about this sometime before January 1. I’m looking at plans that cover about 4 chapters per day. My guess is, that could be done in about 15 minutes or so.

  4. Hi Cousin Elizabeth thank you for the lovely Christmas Card.Could you send me your address to my e-mail, I accendently ripped the address on the envelope and now I can’t tell what street you live on.It was good to see you at Thanksgiving and have a Blessed Christmas and New Year.Couisn Elizabeth from the North.

  5. […] a week ago, I invited you all to join me in reading through the Bible in 2012 (hereafter abbreviated TTB12). And several of you jumped at the opportunity, which totally thrilled […]

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