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About a week ago, I invited you all to join me in reading through the Bible in 2012 (hereafter abbreviated TTB12). And several of you jumped at the opportunity, which totally thrilled me! It is such an encouragement to find others out there who have a thirst for knowing God’s Word. It will be such a help as we seek (and perhaps struggle) to read through 66 books in just 12 months. I am looking forward to motivating each other in continuing, and to sharing the many many things that God will teach us as we soak in His Word.

So, details anyone?

My husband and I are planning to do this together, so we collaborated on finding a good plan. I wanted one that was already online, so we could access it from anywhere. I was hoping specifically to find one on YouVersion, since it can be read online or on your phone (or your Bible), you can keep track of your progress on their website, and they can even send you reminder emails or phone notifications each day. We both wanted something that combined Old & New Testament readings, and that didn’t have too many chapters or different sections per day.

So… we will be working on completing the Blended Plan from YouVersion. This works through 1 OT book and 1 NT book at a time (though not every day contains something from both testaments). I flipped through the daily readings, up to around April, and it puts together combinations like Genesis & Romans, Isaiah & Mark, Leviticus & Hebrews, Daniel & Revelation. It skips around a little, but I think that may help break up the harder sections. And by reading something from both testaments, it will help give a greater picture of the Scripture’s continuity and unity. What was written in one testament is reiterated and supported in the other. Prophecies made in Isaiah or Daniel come to pass in Mark and Revelation.

My plan is to post the following week’s readings every Saturday. If you want to use YouVersion instead, go right ahead, but I will also be posting it here. I would also like to use those Saturdays as a chance for you, my readers, to share what God is teaching you through the reading of His Word. And so, it’s a day early (I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to read this), but here is the schedule for Week 1 of our TTB12 challenge:

TTB12 Week 1 Readings

Sunday- Genesis 1-3, Romans 1
Monday- Genesis 4-6, Romans 2
Tuesday- Genesis 7-9, Romans 3
Wednesday- Genesis 10-12, Romans 4
Thursday- Genesis 13-15, Romans 5
Friday- Genesis 16-17, Romans 6
Saturday- Genesis 18-19, Romans 7

P.S. If you’re going to use YouVersion, don’t start the plan until January 1; otherwise your daily readings will be off from what we’re doing here.

5 thoughts on “Through the Bible in 2012

  1. I promise I will try to but I can’t garuantee that I will make it all the way through and do you have any guide lines in how many chapters to read a week of in a month?
    It was good to see you at thanksgiving.
    Love Cousin Lizzie from the north.

  2. Liz, since most days are 3-4 chapters, that means about 25 chapters per week, and maybe around 100 chapters per month? But I will be posting it every Saturday so you can see the plan week by week.

    Hope you had a great Christmas! And happy new year!

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  4. I will try to do this!!!

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